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 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for another successful year. Hopefully this year will do just as well.

Due to Mississippi Deer season running through Jan 31,2015, our weekend hours will be by appointment only during this month. We will be hunting most weekends this month. We will try to take care of most business during the week if at all possible. Thanks for your understanding.

New Manufacturer Specials to be posted in the upcoming days. Promotions are starting to roll out, so as we get them, so will you!

Steyr ProHunter rifles in stock in 308/30-06/300 Win Mag. These rifles are FANTASTIC SHOOTERS. I have to force myself to hunt with anything other than MY Steyr (in 300WM). 

Boker Switchblades for $50 and Schrade Swichblades for $40.  Other items available to include multiple brands/calibers of AR-15's. Ammo available as well for many calibers.

There is always something for everyone at East Lincoln Guns Online Store. Feel free to take a look around. If the item that you are looking at tells you to put it in the cart for a better price, it is because the manufacturer sets Minimum Advertised Prices. When you place the item in your cart, you see the actual price, and are under NO OBLIGATION to complete the transaction. We play by the rules, but also like to give you great pricing.

Take a look inside... don't be shy! If you find something, Great! All purchases are handled on our SECURE SERVER. Just look for the lock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and you know that you are secure. If you don't find what you want, send us an email through our 'CONTACT US' page and we will give you a custom quote. You can also give us a call at 601-823-9449 OR toll free at 888-639-3110.

Remember that orders shipped outside the State of Mississippi are not charged sales tax. Before you purchase an expensive rifle inside your state, consider this potential cost savings to you.

Never Purchased a gun online??? The process is simple. You make your purchase online. You find a dealer where you want your purchase shipped into. The dealer faxes or emails a copy of his license to the place where you purchased from. The online retailer ships to your dealer. You go to your dealer to fill out required forms for background check. He runs your background check. You pay the dealer a nominal transfer fee (normally about $20-30). You walk out with your purchase. Normally the cost savings from not paying sales tax (buying across state lines) more than offsets the transfer fee. It is that simple, unless your background check turns up something less than favorable.

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